Apple Tv blinking light - NOT during any installation

Hi all, hopefully someone can shed some light on my issue.


I have noticed a lot of people saying the ATV has got the blinking light after trying to install a jailbreak.


My ATV has been ailbreaked for around a year now and i was watching some via xbmc last night, clicked back till i got to the main menu and then pressed exit. It always does like a mini restart to get to the ATV main menu, which is nothing out of the ordinary on my device.


This time it didnt kick back in, the light on the front now blinks every 5-10 seconds, see a flash of the apple logo then it goes back off, every time the light blinks.


I had updates killed with jailbreak when i installed nitoTv, so i was hoping its not tried to force an update.


Obviously I dont want to update as its only a tethered solution and i’m constantly swapping from my bedroom to the living room.


Thanks for any help in advance