Apple TV audio synchronization problem

Today I have noticed that audio is not synchronized with the video. I have removed the app and installed it again but still the same problem. It’s not about airplay or external speaker, I’m talking about hdmi audio on TV speakers. I have checked every platform such as netflix, prime and they have no issues. Also I have checked ios infuse app on my iphone and it also works perfectly. Not sure if it is happened after an update. It’s impossible to watch something right now :confused:

Apple TV 4K v12.4
Infuse v6.5.5

I’ve noticed the same problem on on my atv4k and 6.5.5. Nothing has changed on my system except updates. Not sure if Apple or infuse is causing this. Happens on different video formats.

Omg I’ve found it. I don’t why but somehow it’s related with “match content” section. 24 and 25 fps difference is the key I think. Anyway, just go to apple tv settings → video and audio → match content → turn on both ‘match dynamic range’ and ‘match frame rate’ and it should be fixed.

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