Apple TV Audio Sync

I have tried everything.
This is what I’ve found.

Video files on my NAS with 5.1 audio or better produce the most awful audio sync problems on my system.
If I set the ATV to output Stereo only the sync is fine.
If I change the audio track on video files that have the option to a 2.0 audio track the audio is fine.
All other apps such as Netflix, Prime & Apple TV+ work perfectly with excellent sound quality.

I have tried turning on and off Match Frame Rate and Dynamic Range(as suggested on another thread) to no avail.

I have a Yamaha AV Receiver that receives HDMI ARC Audio from the TV which is fed HDMI from the Apple TV.
I could not get the TV to receive as good an Audio/Video combination by routing the ATV through the Receiver to the TV. All the 4K goodies get dropped (I think)

This is driving me nuts as I’m sure this problem hasn’t always existed.

All OS’s and versions are bang up to date.

Is this request for help in the wrong thread?

This sounds like a problem with your TV outputting PCM over ARC. Is this ARC or eARC? Do you have audio problems if you plug in directly to your receiver (I know video doesn’t work right)? If you set audio to Dolby digital instead of auto do you have problems still or it it fixed only with stereo?

I can tell you that it’s ARC.

The problem only happens with files played on Infuse with 5.1 mixed audio or better.
Setting audio out to stereo fixes the problem.

Does not happen with any other multichannel audio such as Netflix or Prime. Is audio from Netflix or Prime different to Infuse?

I wanted to see if there was any other solutions open before rewiring my entire system.

So by default Infuse will decode the audio to PCM which is lossless and compatible with all receivers. Streaming services are just going to stream Dolby Digital, not other things. ARC does not support lossless bandwidth so if you set the audio settings to Dolby Digital then you will get the max quality over ARC that is possible. You have to have eARC to get lossless audio.

If you want to have full original lossless quality then you will have to get either a new TV or a new receiver. Another option is possibly an HDMI splitter which can split the signal and send audio to your receiver and video to your TV. Chances with that, though, you are more likely to have sync issues, but it might work.

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I think I understand.

My TV is a brand new Philips 4K OLED. My amp is a Yamaha RX-V673. Ive been using Infuse for a year now and am guessing this problem may have started with the tv.

Is there some way of checking what is being sent or received by the tv or amp?

I should point out that my old WDTV Live hub was able to decode 5.1 and DTS with the same files to the same amp without any problems for years.

Not sure what model you got but found this: Philips OLED805 (OLED855, OLED865) review - FlatpanelsHD

However, be aware that OLED805 does not support HDMI eARC for higher-quality, lossless Atmos. We also have concerns about the absence of eARC in relation to game consoles as it may prevent gamers from enjoying Atmos in games. ARC can introduce conversion/delay with the PCM Atmos method typically used for Atmos on console game in order to minimize delay. Only eARC support PCM Atmos (Dolby MAT).

Generally there is some sort of info or display button on the receiver (remote) that will tell you the format of the audio being sent.

Also since it looks like this receiver is fairly old it doesn’t support eARC on its end either.

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Thanks for this but as I mentioned I have already purchased a Philips OLED TV.

I’m not up to speed on things like PCM, eARC or Atmos so it’s a little muddy to me. In the old days the amp would hear Dolby Digital 5.1, switch to it and amp it to the speakers. Easy.

Now it seems, if I’ve got this right, that a brand new TV might not support the passthrough of an audio format and causes a lag in audio from the source to the AV receiver.

So, I need a new AV receiver so that the old fashioned 5.1 audio format can be received directly from the ATV and the video can then be passed through to the TV with out any degrading of 4k/HDR formats.

I only need the amp for Airplay 2, Apple TV and a Record player. I have good speakers but only L, R and CTR. It’s a small room. Any suggestions?

Yes even the newest TVs don’t support everything which is quite frustrating. I recently got an LG CX which doesn’t support passthrough DTS formats for some reasons although last years models did.

Anyways a newish (2018+) receiver should fix the problems if you want lossless audio. I personally have a denon x4500 and it is great but not sure what is available in Europe and that would be overkill for your setup. I am driving a 7.1.2 system. For many, lossy Dolby digital might be good enough and you just change the Apple TV setting. Also since your tv doesn’t support hdmi 2.1 you don’t need it on your receiver either. 2.0 is good enough for movie watching.

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Is there no way to downgrade the audio in Infuse from a lossless format?

You have to use the global Apple TV setting. Nothing specific in infuse.

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Change the AppleTV to Dolby digital. Your receiver looks like it’s only HDMI 1.4 so you can do HDMI passthrough up to 4K 30hz. You’d lose HDR.

If you are looking for a replacement amp and don’t want to spent a billion dollars check out the Sony str-dn1080 or the dh790

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They look like great options.
Thank you.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website that allowed you to filter options such hdmi 2.0, eARC, AirPlay, Chromecast, etc.?