Apple TV Audio Silent Until Rewind (w/ Wireless Audio Sync enabled)


I have had similar audio issues for a while. Already reported it, but no fix as of yet.

Any videos above 720p start with no audio. If I then fast forward or rewind the playback just a little then the audio returns. Very odd.

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Hello, same problem with Apple TV 4K (previous generation). No sound with any video (AAC, EAC3, DTS, etc.). These videos work perfectly with Plex Player.

The sound goes to Sonos Soundbar.

But I find a solution to work sounds again with Infuse (last beta version up to date) : I have a Hue Sync Box between AppleTV and my LG TV. Solution : desactivate Dolby Vision Enhanced option (see attachment)

My system works like this :
NAS with Plex/Jellyfin servers>>>AppleTV>>>Hue Sync Box>>>LG TV>>>Sonos soundbar

I don’t know if this explanation can help you @james to find a path to the right solution, but I prefer to share it.


Which beta version? 7.0.10 (3767) build that james referenced above

or a different number?

Ticket n. 137225
Diagnostic logs n. XG9MY

@james Infuse 7.0.10 (3767)

This one : v7.0.9 (3759)

The 7.0.10 (3767) build is the one that needs testing for this issue.

@James any update to share with us? Two months have passed since first bug report.
Can you please share an ETA? Thanks.

We’re still looking into this, and have addressed the one area we thought would have an impact - but unfortunately, this did not seem to help those who were affected.

Troubleshooting this is a bit tricky as we’ve not be able to reproduce this on any of our setups. It seems to be a system-level bug which only appears in a few very specific cases. We’re still working on a few ideas, but don’t have an ETA just yet.

Now, I don’t normally suggest installing Apple’s public betas, but it would be interesting to know if installing the tvOS 15 beta has any impact for those who have been affected by this. If you’re feeling brave and want to take the plunge, we’d love to hear about your results.


I took the plunge and have the latest beta TVOS running. Unfortunately the audio problem still exists.

Just to add a little more. I have 2 Apple TV boxes. One is the first generation 4K version and one is the standard version (not 4K). Both are now running the latest TVOS beta but only the 4K version exhibits the audio problems.


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I’ve forwarded an article to Firecore, cause it’s looking like some people are reporting similar issues with other apps.

I’ve found the easiest way around it is to swipe down and re-select the soundtrack in the audio settings. No rewinding needed.

I have made some progress on this issue. I changed chrominance from 4:4:4 to 4:2:0 and now I have sound on everything I start. Changed chrominance back to 4:4:4 and no sound until rewind/fast forward.

Can someone confirm the same solution?

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To expand on this bit, those who are having this problem say what their setting is for chrominance?

Just tried 4-2 but no sound on first clip played…… until rewind.

Don’t want to be a pain, but if you happen to have a new HDMI cable laying around could you try changing it and see if that may help? Some cables can cause an issue with 4:4:4 and don’t just fit in the “pass” or “fail” catagories.

Just switched to 4:2:0 and had sound straight away, reverted to 4:4:4 and no sound. Cables are 2 months old and used to have no issue at 4:4:4. All other apps play with sound as did infuse 7 until a few weeks ago.

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I’ve seen reports of certain brands having mixed issues with 4:4:4 and even new they can be marginal with some. It’s strictly just a test to see if that may play into the audio/chroma connection. :wink:

I have ordered a new cable and will try to change chrominance back to 4:4:4 when it arrives

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Thanks for the extra help! I’m a member of the dreaded “Tech Geek Hoarder” club so I can’t seem to pass up a sale on cables and such so I usually have a few dozen of most types lying around. It’s proven to be a good thing many times with HDMI cables for some reason.

They don’t always just fail, often it’s a grey zone and I have a handful that I’ve marked as such when changing them cured problems.

NC, I’ve tried with three different makes of cable. Could a cable explain that it worked for many affected people with same cable for so long, then suddenly stopped?

It could point to a change in OS that may have affected how the systems interact with each other on change of audio and chroma. A marginal cable may have been fine before the change and the change whether it be Infuse or the OS may have been the tipping point.

Since this isn’t affecting all users and it seems to be a fairly small number of people that are seeing this it may help narrow down what to look at.

EDIT To Add: It’s strictly a guess based on what I’ve seen before with other problems so I completely admit it may be a long shot but we’ve seen long shots pay off before and it’s a simple test. :wink: