Apple TV Audio Silent Until Rewind (w/ Wireless Audio Sync enabled)

We have implemented a potential fix, and will have this available to test shortly (as soon as Apple approves the new TestFlight build).



This is awesome news, @james! Thank you for the tremendous effort! I can’t wait to test this fix release.

Can confirm the fix works in 7.1 beta 4 (3766).

@SickIcarus, how did you get 7.1 beta 4 (3766)? @james, does this update requires an additional invitation?

Apple just approved the 7.0.10 (3767) build, and this is now available in TestFlight. :slight_smile:

Please test and see if the issue still appears. Submitting a new report (and posting the code here) would be helpful even if the issue is resolved.

Hi @james,
Unfortunately, the fix didn’t change anything… :smirk:
After upgrading to the latest TestFlight Infuse version 7.0.10 (3767), I reproduced the test, collected and submitted a new report: FAAPW, request (#137118)

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Hi, this week I’m suddenly experiencing no sound on files played from my NAS, until I scroll back or forward a few seconds, then everything is fine! Any ideas?

Same here with AppleTV 4 (without K) with TV audio (LG TV).

I have the same problem too.
I skip forward a few seconds and it’s fine.
I tried to change sound to stereo in my ATV settings (instead of auto + atmos if available) and I still have the same problem.

I upgraded to tvOS 15 beta. It started after that.
Or it may have started when I subscribe to a yearly Pro plan (my monthly is still active for two weeks). I subscribe a few hours before installing tvOS 15… and I didn’t use infuse before installing tvOS 15.

I have the new Apple TV 4K
2020 Samsung TV 4K
LG sound bar connected to the HDMI eARC port.

And I just tried with my AirPods… and same problem.

Same problem today. Completely out of the blue. Infuse 7.0.9 (not sure when the update was taken) and a 1st gen Apple TV 4K - but I have to put audio boost to 150% to get audio. If I switch back to ‘Disabled’ I get no audio. All other apps works fine, and even the audio of Infuse navigation is fine.

Have you tried to skip forward or back without the boost and see if that brings back the audio?

If the audio comes back after the skip without the 150% boost does it blast audio if you skip after you boost the audio?

Same issue here. Newest gen ATV 4K on 14.7, Vizio, Sonos Beam. No sound unless skipping or manually selecting audio track.

However, my first gen ATV 4K on 14.7, Vizio and playing through TV speakers works fine.

I’ll give it a try.

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The issue still persists for me too.

I have the same problem. Started today out of the blue. No beta installed. Just plain up to date tv ios and latest Infuse tv app :slight_smile:
Weird enough only DD plus (with atmos encoded on) plays ok like it should, but everything else does not (evne if it is also DD plus but without atmos encoded), and I have to scrool to get sound.
Hope there coming a fix soon :pray:

This may help

That’s something that abounds here at times. :wink:

Haha autocorrect always corrects wrong :joy:

Same thing started happening for me about a week ago, no sound unless i hit rewind or select the audio track

Everytime when I play a video, there is no sound, I have to re-select the sound track. It affects all sound and video types. The sound effect of UI, like move course, the sound is correct.
I can not remember when this issue first occurred

I tried changing tvOS audio option, both Auto and Stereo do not help.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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