Apple TV Audio Silent Until Rewind (w/ Wireless Audio Sync enabled)

Hey so I’m a long time Plex user and discovering Infuse has been a Godsend so far with ATV4K. I plan on purchasing a lifetime license very soon :slight_smile:

However the last few days an annoying issue is happening. When initially playing any movie or TV show, the audio doesn’t work until I rewind the video, then audio plays as intended. This wasn’t happening previously, so do you all have any fix for this? Thanks!

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Is this affecting all videos, or just a few (maybe the last few that have been played)?

What type of device is your Apple TV connected to for audio output (TV, receiver, HomePod, etc…)?

Can you try restarting your Apple TV and Plex server (and HomePods)?

Hey James thanks for the reply. It’s effecting all videos regardless of audio codec. And I have my ATV4K connected Directly to my Samsung TV, and the TV outputs to my soundbar via Optical. I even reinstalled the app and still the same bug.

Even when using my AirPods Pro the same thing happens (no audio until rewind or FF). Previously this wasn’t an issue. If I just skip back 10 Seconds everything plays as it should. It’s almost as if starting the video the player forgets to select the audio track or something?

I’ll try rebooting my plex server to see if that works.

Ok. If the issue does appear again, sending in a report right after would be super helpful in seeing what might be going on here.

I was helping a friend with what sounds a similar issue where the soundbar wouldn’t always pick up the changes in format. We ended up plugging in the ATV to the sound bar instead of the tv and that cured the problems. Something in the ATV and the TV both trying to change formats got things locked up but once we put the atv to the soundbar it worked.

If your sound bar has HDMI ports you may want to give it a test.

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately this did not work for me as it also happens with Bluetooth headphones as well.

@james I played a video after rebooting my Plex server, Apple TV and TV and it still did the same thing. I hit submit diagnostics on my Apple TV 4K and I got this code to include in my message or email: T1RTA

Maybe you can see something on your end that could be causing this. Previous updates I didn’t have any audio issues whatsoever.

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Which device do the headphones connect to?

I use AirPods Pro and they connect directly to the Apple TV 4K. Which I assume should rule out any TV or sound bar issues? To be clear the audio plays perfectly once I rewind or choose a new chapter. It’s just the initial playing of any video has no audio until I rewind, choose a chapter etc.

Did it start after updating to tvOS 14.6? Or a specific infuse version, or unsure?

This may sound silly but did you try a new HDMI cable between the ATV and the TV?

It just sounds like a handshaking issue when the audio changes from 2.0 to 5.1 etc.

@munpip214 I started my infuse pro trial on May 9th and this problem did not exist until around 1-2 weeks ago. So maybe it is one of the recent infuse updates? I don’t recall doing any ATV updates and this happening right after, however I did update the infuse app a few times since I originally started my Trial.

@NC_Bullseye It’s on the same HDMI as it was when I originally started my infuse trial May 9th (when everything worked perfectly). However I just tried switching HDMI inputs and cables and still the same result. Plex Media Server has had a few updates recently, could it be something on the server side?

Not sure but it’d be easy to just create a SMB share of the same drive directory along side the Plex share and do a quick test.

That was when tvOS 14.6 came out, just saying.

Try disconnecting tv and playing through AirPods, see if that makes a difference (yes I know you can’t see). Maybe some weird hdmi handshake issue.

Also could try toggling audio output settings in atv.


Same problem here with the same situation : OK on Bluetooth and nothing change except the tvOS version.

I can share more information if you need.


Tried all of the above and still no luck. So it seems it’s either 1. Issue with a new infuse update or 2. An issue with the Apple TV OS update. Not sure which is the culprit and I have no way to downgrade either one. So hopefully this can get fixed soon!

You could try resetting the Apple TV :man_shrugging:t3:

Looking into this. Thanks!

Much appreciated James!

Anybody figure out the cause of this yet?

Could you try changing the “Audio Format” setting on the ATV from “Auto” to “Dolby Digital 5.1” and then “Stereo” if they 5.1 option didn’t help?