Apple TV app when pressing at crew picture (similar feature added to Infuse?)

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When choosing someone from crew list if it’s the same person but the person are an actor or writer depending what film/tv-series you being redirected to same page with an similar overview like Apple TV app, I submit picture

Sorry for my bad English, if you don’t understand just ask and I try to explain as good as I can. :slight_smile:


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Currenty Infuse shows all other titles that the person chosen is associated with, which are also part of your collection.

Are you asking that they be separated by what type of credit they have? Such as showing in one section, all the films Ryan Reynolds (if that’s who you click on) was an actor in, and in the next, all he was a producer in, and in a third, all he might have directed?

For most actor/producers and actor/directors, I expect this would lead to a great many titles being duplicated in each list — which might, given the limited screen real-estate available, make it harder to locate a specific title from their filmography.


Are you asking that this list also include items from an actor or crew member’s career that are NOT included in your Infuse library? If this, follow this thread for updates (and like the first post if you want to show your support for the feature).

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Yes exactly like the first example that you gave me, separated into sections Actor, Director and so on. Like the picture I attached. Apples TV app does it very good.

Thanks for the link, it has my vote :).

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