Apple TV APP Skin + Multi user + Suggestion for next tv show or movie

Hello everyone,

I use Infuse for a while, I decided to quit this software cause it’s paid software BUT it’s the best software for ever so I decided to use it all my life. (I used Kodi, PowerDVD, Plex… etc)

Firstly, I would like to thank the developer for their time and their passion.

The playback is better than V5, the version 6 is smooth and quick. I watch NBA Game, again and again… Infuse is the best

I really want multi-support for my kids and us (my wife and me), I saw yesterday that the version 6.3 will be integrated the features! It’s amazing!!

I didn’t know that the forum Is so useful for the developers and the customers… Now I Know… Thanks again

The biggest point I would like optimize is the SKIN, I would like the same Apple TV App cause it’s amazing skins.

  • The home screen (APTV APP Style) : The section movies and TV Shows and the search logo. EXACTLY the same than APTV App
  • Movies SECTION (Kodi Style) : Artwork with logo resolution (720p,1080p… or SD, HD, 4K).
  • TV SHOW SECTION (APTV APP Style) : Artwork in 16:9 for TV Show
  • Couch TV (Kodi Style) : This software suggests you the next TV Show or Movie

Maybe I ask too much, but I’m subscribers and I saw in you PASSION and LOVE for better experience…

Thank you for everything you ever did, and thank you for the future…


Up!!! Please
None upgrade about this in 4 years.

Here are some active suggestion threads you can add your support to for those features.

UI Skins (your own thread in suggestions :wink: )

As to the Suggestion for what to watch next I don’t know what your truly after but there are several active suggestions in that sub forum that you may want to use the search function and see which address your idea best.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

While there haven’t been major changes to UI extensibility as you first suggested — (and honestly, that has NEVER been a thing Apple device users have ever been accustomed to … Apple just doesn’t allow it) — there have been plenty of other updates and improvements to Infuse over these many years … and more on the way.

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