Apple TV APP Skin + Multi user + Suggestion for next tv show or movie

Hello everyone,

I use Infuse for a while, I decided to quit this software cause it’s paid software BUT it’s the best software for ever so I decided to use it all my life. (I used Kodi, PowerDVD, Plex… etc)

Firstly, I would like to thank the developer for their time and their passion.

The playback is better than V5, the version 6 is smooth and quick. I watch NBA Game, again and again… Infuse is the best

I really want multi-support for my kids and us (my wife and me), I saw yesterday that the version 6.3 will be integrated the features! It’s amazing!!

I didn’t know that the forum Is so useful for the developers and the customers… Now I Know… Thanks again

The biggest point I would like optimize is the SKIN, I would like the same Apple TV App cause it’s amazing skins.

  • The home screen (APTV APP Style) : The section movies and TV Shows and the search logo. EXACTLY the same than APTV App
  • Movies SECTION (Kodi Style) : Artwork with logo resolution (720p,1080p… or SD, HD, 4K).
  • TV SHOW SECTION (APTV APP Style) : Artwork in 16:9 for TV Show
  • Couch TV (Kodi Style) : This software suggests you the next TV Show or Movie

Maybe I ask too much, but I’m subscribers and I saw in you PASSION and LOVE for better experience…

Thank you for everything you ever did, and thank you for the future…