Apple "TV App" integration?

My 4th gen Apple TV updated to 10.2 overnight, with a great new “TV App” that integrates several video apps as well as purchased iTunes items.

Any chance of Infuse eventually being supported?


This was one of my first thoughts after trying the new TV app. It would be great to see these apps working together.

I too would like to see integration with the TV app.

I co-sign on this suggestion.

Would love to see this as well =)

This would create a huge impact and publicity if it would integrate. Afaik ist Plex also working on this topic. I would hate to switch to Plex.

Well, I still really want to see this integration, but would never consider going back to Plex. Since using Infuse Pro/Apple TV 4 on all my home tv’s, I don’t need a PC running on that network, just my Lacie NAS. Occasionally I join the network with laptop to add new videos to my NAS. With Plex, I had a dedicated pc always connected and active if watching. All my friends with other platforms,Roku etc, are so envious of Apple TV/Infuse Pro.

Plex is not my favorite, but with the Netflix Amazon etc. integration the TV App will be the new media hub for me.
If I have to ignore my local Storage, then its senseless to have it.

The TV app has been out since tvOS 10, but integration seems to be invite only by Apple and they only choose content providers at the time.

Would love this as well, even if its just the watching feed added to the TV app.

Totally agree. This is my most wanted feature for Infuse. It otherwise does an almost perfect job in all other areas. :slight_smile:

Hope Apple will let devs request support for the app.

Exactly what I was thinking this weekend after my Apple TV updated to show the new TV app - if this could read what was in your own external library via Infuse it would be superb. Infuse is now my Number 1 go to app for watching video content - ditched Plex and Kodi - Infuse is the way forward.

would be pretty neat… also voice search support from the tv app… the Shield does this already w/ plex, which is a pretty special little feature… just voice search “movie name” and presto, 1 click and you’re watching the film like automagical

I follow this proposition. Integration to TV app would be great

I’d like this as well

Everyone always asks for this on different app forums but it’s not going to happen. Developers have no control over tv app integration… Apple decides who they want to integrate with. Fill out a bug report with Apple asking for developer access to the TV App.

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I agree. This is something we would all like but Apple will never allow.

It would be great to have integration of Infuse into the TV app. I use the TV app for almost everything and the only things that I don’t use it for are Netflix (unsupported because Netflix chooses not to share any of its data analytics) and, now, Infuse.

Integration into the TV app will allow for shows you’re watching through Infuse to appear in the Up Next section of the TV app so you can easily pick up where you’ve left off instead of jumping through apps trying to remember where a certain show is.

Even if something is, say, on Disney+, it’s still shown in the TV app and then the user is redirected to the Disney+ app when they click on it to continue playing. Playback position is also synced over to the TV app.

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Here is an existing thread that has some info, but looks like it is up to Apple to support.

I am not sure of Apple’s policy on this topic. As a developer, you may have more weight to make this suggestion to Apple. Say for instance I am browsing content on the Apple TV app on the Apple TV or iPad. I find a movie I would like to watch. Most of the time it gives me a choice. Do you want to watch from iTunes? Hulu? Or Prime? the thought occurred to me that I have movies on my InFuse server. Can we add InFuse to the choices?
Before renting or purchasing the movie, I may already have the movie on my personal server. I would hate to spend money unless I already have the movie. Is there a way for the Apple TV app to crawl over my Infuse movies? Then give me the choice to watch it on InFuse rather than purchasing from a service? Right now, I have to stop searching, go to InFuse then look up my movie. It would be much easier to have all in one place.