Apple TV and Dropbox not working


I see that this question has been raised several times, but I haven’t found a solution.

  • I just purchased Infuse Pro, installed on 2 Apple TVs (4k), and hooked them up towards a folder on my NAS, works just fine.
  • Then I installed Infuse on my iPad, and hooked it up towards a Dropbox folder, which also works fine.

My understanding is that the Dropbox content should now be available on the Apple TVs - but it’s not.
iCloud Sync is turned on everywhere, to the same account.
Is there something else I am missing? Or am I being too impatient, maybe this takes a while to sync up?

many thanks in advance /Tommy

Welcome to the forum!

Dropbox connections will sync from iOS to the Apple TV via iCloud, and a bit more info on the requirements for using iCloud Sync can be found here. iCloud & Trakt Syncing – Firecore

You may also check to see if the Dropbox share appears on the Apple TV in Infuse > Settings > Shares. The Apple TV is a little bit different compared to iOS a share will only appear on the home screen if it has at least one favorite added. You can add favorites on either iOS or Apple TV.