Apple tv all of a sudden stopped working

I have a jail broken atv2 with xbmc loaded. It has been running great for a week. I went to watch a movie tonight and the apple TV light is on but it isn’t sending a signal to my tv. The apple logo came up on the screen and the light was flashing then my tv went to the “no signal” screen for 5 minutes. The apple logo just came up again, the lights flashed and then back to the “no signal screen”. Any ideas what it could be?

I’m experiencing the same problem. Apple TV light is blinking when I first turn it on and then apple logo comes on screen.  After ~1minute the TV shows no input.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance for your help.

I got a similar problem when my ATV2 could not get a network connection (I had changed the password for the WiFi connection).   I fixed it by using a wired connection to get the ATV2 working so I could configure up the ATV2 WiFi connection as I wanted it.

I had the same thing - did what itimp has suggested and all works great now.