Apple TV 6.0.2



Will the aTV Flash (black) be updated to work with 6.0.2 on an ATV2 or is it no longer in development? I would like to keep some of the features of 6.0.2 but don’t want to lose the ability to run Plex etc on my Apple TV.


It doesn’t seem that that there is much development on this since 5.3?




I suspect that ATV Flash is likely to get a new release when (if) a jailbreak appears for the 6.0.x series of firmware.  There are many rumours of one appearing soon, but I ahve not seen anything that confirms it will definitely arrive, and if it does whether it will be a tethered or untethered jailbreak.

Note that it is the responsibility of the Plex developers (not FireCore) to make sure that it runs on any new firmware release. It is highly likely that if a jailbreak comes out for 6.0.2 that Plex will not run until it has been updated as the 6.0.x firmware is iOS 7 based which has some major changes from iOS 6.