Apple TV 50i deinterlacing is poor

Just trialling Infuse on my Apple TV 4K. I run several Kodi devices on a large collection of mkv files but decided to look at Infuse. Many of my mkv files have native interlaced content at 50i. I just played some h264 1080/50i content, and the studio interlaced video was terrible, clearly not being deinterlaced correctly, juddery motion etc. I’ve seen some other threads on this but I have not seen an answer from the developer. Is this a fundamental limitation of the Apple TV, or is there a way around it? I tried the various deinterlacing options and none worked. The same content plays perfectly on a Raspberry Pi model 3 running LibreELEC or OSMC, and also plays perfectly on a Vero 4K (OSMC).

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