Apple TV 5.4 beta

does anyone know the release date? 

untetheared JB would be great when 5.4 come out! 



I do not think any one does at the moment. I would guess it is likely to be in the September/October timeframe as part of a major Apple product launch but only Apple knows at this point. I must admit it looks like it has major new features that are likely to be of interest to many ATV users.

As this firmware is the first one based on iOS 7 I would not be at all surprised if there is then a significant delay before a jailbreak of any type appears and a small risk that one might never appear. I guess it depends on whether it being iOS 7 based spurs the jail breaking community into action!

Once a jailbreak is available there is also the task of finding out what apps break on iOS 7 and waiting for appropriate updates to happen.