Apple TV 4th Gen playing 4K movie via Infuse

I wonder if its possible to play 4K movie files via Infuse for my 4th Gen Apple TV. I was having issues with continuous buffering and stuttering of playback. I thought it might have just the settings in Infuse that I need to adjust but I couldn’t find it. Can someone tell me if this is possible. I know in Plex I don’t have any issues before in playing 4K movies via Apple TV HD (or 4th Gen). Why not in Infuse then?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

Cheers, Rob

4th gen doesn’t have HEVC hardware decoding so it has to do it all with software which is too slow for 4K movies unfortunately. Most likely plex was transcoding it to play while infuse only supports direct play.

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aTV HD handles 4K h.264 fine. As @munpip214 stated, it cant handle HEVC/h.265 4K encodes.

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