Apple TV 4k with Infuse and x265 content

Hello all,

I’m sorry if this has been asked and answered, but I couldn’t find anything definitive by searching around.

I currently have the Apple TV (4th Gen, I believe - the one before the 4k one) and use Infuse Pro 4 on it to playback content from my NAS. This works well for content up to 1080 encoded with x264, but if I try to play back similar content encoded with x265, I get stuttery playback. I have assumed that the Apple TV doesn’t have the compute resources for Infuse to be able to decode the video reliably, though that may be a false assumption.

What I would like to do is to buy the new Apple TV 4k, and obviously Infuse Pro 5, but I don’t want to do that (as I’m looking at over £200 here in the UK) unless it’s definitely going to allow me to start transitioning over to x265 to save space. These are all rips from my own BluRays and DVDs for my convenience.

So, all things being equal, should this work? Apple TV 4k, latest Infuse, x265 encoded media at 1080p resolution. I’m only encoding to around 3Mbps, so I thought that my current setup should have been able to cope with it, but it doesn’t and I don’t want to invest further without knowing what I’m getting in to!

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Good questions. :slight_smile:

As of 5.5.2, Infuse supports native playback of HEVC videos on tvOS 11 and later. This means Infuse 5 will be able to play 1080p HEVC (up to ~20 Mbps) on Apple TV 4, and 4K HEVC (up to ~200 Mbps) on ATV4K. Also, support for HDR videos is in progress and will be available in a free update coming later this fall.

I have good news for you.

This works with Apple TV 4, iOS 11 and Infuse 5 Pro (which you can try for free for a month if I remember well).
(at least it worked for me)
For 1080p H265 content encoded at way more than 3Mbps.

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Thank you both for the quick answers!

I’ll give Infuse 5 a try on my current Apple TV then and see if that will do what I need - I don’t have a 4k TV yet (my current Full HD one just refuses to die and give me the excuse to upgrade!) and so the Apple TV 4k is of limited use to me if the current one just needed the latest version of Infuse.