Apple TV 4K......will you be buying one?

Hi there,

I wanted to pose a question to the forum regarding your intentions to buy the new Apple TV 4K. I’ve read a lot of reviews and forum posts that have been decidedly negative, especially around the inability of it to auto frame-rate switch. I like most people, was very excited when Apple announced this product, but my excitement has cooled somewhat after reading all the negative reviews.

So I’d like to hear what other people intend to do. Will you wait or are you intending to take the plunge?

My use case is pretty simple. I use the Apple TV for two things;

  1. watching bluray rips stored on my NAS via the Infuse app.
  2. watching rugby via RugbyPass (fyi if you’re a rugby fan I strongly suggest you get this app)

I watch streaming content (Netflix etc) from my Samsung 65KS8000 SUHD.


Personally, I think it’s a worthwhile upgrade with zero downside over the outgoing ATV4.


  1. 4K resolution & HDR available
  2. 24p refresh rate option
  3. Faster specs = quicker browsing
  4. HW support for HEVC videos
  5. Gigabit Ethernet (super-fast local NAS performance)


  1. Price
  2. No auto refresh rate switching (yet)
  3. SDR content converted to HDR with mixed results (you can avoid this by switching to 4K SDR output)

All good points. What refresh rate do you recommend for each of these?
DVD iso
1080p bluray m2ts rip
4K sdr rip
4K HDR rip

Perhaps when you’ve had a chance to play around with it a user guide would be great.


Typically you want to match the fps of your content with the refresh rate of the device.

For example, most films are shot at 24fps, so you would want to set the Apple TV to 24Hz. However, if your source video is PAL based then it may be 25 or 50fps, so in that case you will want 50Hz.

Most everything else will be 30fps, which works fine in 60Hz.

I haven’t bought the 4k one yet but if you have a big library have you noticed if it’s faster to load or not?

Using Ethernet, it loads faster, It buffers a lot faster, and seeking (or jumping chapters) loads a lot faster.

It’s a good bump in speed and everything loads much faster with the new chip. I spent the extra $20 for the 64GB version as that’s cheap insurance to never face an issue of running out of space.

I sold my ATV 4 for $100 which lessened the upfront costs. I’m still running a Panasonic VT50 1080 plasma so the 4K content doesn’t even come into play for me but I’m happy with the purchase.

It is definitely a worthy upgrade. I also have the Panasonic VT50 Plasma TV, 1080p resolution. I’m connected to my Synology NAS over WiFi ac mode and it’s ver6 fast. Regarding the frame rate, I don’t know how the ATV manages it but it is almost perfect regardless of the frame rate of the source. I can compare it to Minix U1 which has a frame rate switching and still prefer the ATV 4K. Still around 10GB free from the 32GB which are quite sufficient for streaming and a decent number of apps (I’m not a gamer).
Hope this helps.

Hey, w8! Do you actually have to upgrade from 4th gen Apple TV to Apple TV 4k to be able to play 4k rips off NAS?

Most all 4K video playback will require an Apple TV 4K, as the ATV4 does not include hardware support for HEVC video.