[Apple TV 4K] Siri voice command only rewinds 10 seconds

Whenever I use siri to do a voice command rewind, Infuse will only rewind 10 seconds, no matter what I say. For example if I said “Rewind 1 minute” or “Rewind 10 minutes” it will only rewind 10 seconds. Has anyone else seen this?

I don’t have this issue in Plex, netflix, etc


Infuse currently uses its own player, and unfortunately does not support all Siri commands at this time.

It may be something we can support in the future though, so moving to suggestions for now.

Would also like to see support for “What did he just say” and auto turn on subtitles for 10s like with netflix/itunes.

Would really like to see the Siri rewind/skip controls to work properly. Many other apps on Apple TV have implemented this (YouTube, VLC, etc.). Would be great if you could work on this as well as the „What did they say“ feature mentioned in the comment above.

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