Apple TV 4K search time jumps

When viewing Apple TV, VLC, Netflix, Prime, etc. through an Apple TV 4K box, clicking the ring on the left or right side of the large button takes the video back or forth 10 seconds and the same amount in Pause. Viewing videos through Infuse in the same Apple box does not conform and zips about 10 minutes back and forth which is not useful! Additionally, searching up or down a big list with the up & down clicks of the control ring accelerates to such a high speed the viewer has no chance of stopping in time and ends up in a remote clicking battle with Infuse to hopefully get back to the file of interest. The touch sensitive dial sometimes loses it’s brain and becomes way too sensitive to be useful with filenames flying past at supersonic speed. Can you just make these controls work like Apple designed them please? Infuse playback quality of h.264.& h.265 progressive video in mp4 or mkv containers is much better than the VLC app, so I’m super-keen to see the interface side of Infuse also working better than VLC’s.

The skip will work as you asked, go to Infuse setting under “Playback” and set “Chapter Controls” to off. That will give you a 10 second skip either way for each click. When it’s on, it jump a full chapter forward or back.

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Thank you very much. I’ll do that tonight.

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