APPLE TV 4k player REMUX or 4k image folder

I’ve apple tv 4k, if the 4k image folder (85GB) or REMUX.mkv put in external HDD.
That Infuse Pro 5 can good player the video?

Or have any good idea to play 4k image folder (85GB) or REMUX.mkv ?


i tested yesterday a 4k uhd 10bit movie image and it works perfekt.the image has 80 gb :slight_smile:
my shield tv with kodi or plex have not played this image smoothless but the infuse 5 pro has no problems :slight_smile:

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It will play REMUX or BLURAY in UHD/HDR but make sure you have fast HD and network to handle it.

yes like u say.
My external HDD link on AP USB port and play REMUX, sometime show the white circle,
so using internal network (like NAS) just can good play video?

I use a Synology ds-216-II Nas and i works have to use a fast Nas .