Apple TV 4K not showing On Deck titles from Plex

Please bring back “on deck”. This merged thing does not work properly. After playing an episode, the entire list of “on deck” just disappears. The previous functionality with the separate “continue watching” and “on deck” was far superior. I am using the first version of AppleTV 4K.


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For what it’s worth: I had similar issues with my setup and played around with it quite a bit:

I used to use the Plex version that was available natively on my Synology. This version was almost a year old and “on deck” items wouldn’t show up in the continue watching section in Infuse at all. I recently switched to a much more recent version of the Plex server running in Docker which seems to have resolved this particular problem. From what I could observe, it looks like Infuse doesn’t seem to support older versions of the Plex server any more. Can someone confirm that?

Unfortunately, the bug where the continue watching section disappears continues to affect me but the developers seem to be aware of that already and I’m hoping for a fix.

Using the latest version of PlexMediaServer and Infuse player on AppleTV 4K (1st release), the only issue is with the disappearing “on deck/continue watching” as soon as an episode is finished and returning to the Home Screen. The row is at the top when the app is opened but after watching an episode and then returning to the Home Screen to watch the next episode of a different show, the entire list is just missing. This never happened when “on deck” had its own row.