Apple TV 4K not showing On Deck titles from Plex

I did notice the update in 7.3 for the merged On Deck/Next Up lists in the Watching section of Infuse and have noticed that Plex does have the same merged lists as well. The issue I am having is that I am getting occasions where the Infuse Watching list is completely empty even though Plex does show items in its Watching list. I am able to resolve the issue by force closing and reopening the app and the list is repopulated, but it wasn’t like before where the list would be repopulated in its own without the restart. I’m continue to monitor it thinking it maybe was an exception but it did happen again yesterday after watching a movie and going back to the main menu.

Ok, that’s understandable. However I much prefer the Watching section show the poster like the On Deck section before instead of the background. Plex itself still shows the poster. Any chance we can get at least an option for that view?

Edit: or since there’s still an option for On Deck in the Home Screen selection layout, can we just keep it as an option, like it was before 7.3? I understand this would make the top section redundant now, but I only ever used the top with episodes or movies I was in the middle of. Either this or bringing the poster view to the new Watching section would be awesome.


I second this @james. I prefer the pre-combined behavior of infuse before this update, could we please add a toggle back?

I don’t understand why “On Deck” still exists as an option to add to the home screen, as it is now empty. It’s going to confuse a lot of users who don’t realise that they need to enable “Watching” instead.

Couldn’t the “On Deck” row just be a duplicate of “Watching”? Then users could decide whether to enable “Watching” and see the titles as large landscape icons, or to enable the “On Deck” row on the home screen to see the posters view as before.

You could even rename “On Deck” to “Watching”, to make it even more clear.


After further testing, it looks like when the Watching section on my Infuse disappears, I can make it reappear by updating the library. The icons for the shows however appear behind the Favorites line, I can click on one of the Favorites folders and exit out and it returns to where it should be on the top. I wasn’t sure how to show this so I’ve attached pics of the behavior.

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I find the new combined list cumbersome to use. I personally liked the previous set up where I could instantly see if I had shows I stopped watching mid-way (landscape, video screenshots) and which ones I am currently watching (posters in portrait).

I think part of the problem is the wide-screen design where I can only see 3 items in my “on deck” list on my Apple TV while I am usually am in the process of watching 6-7 shows at the same time.


I do agree with this. 3 items is not a whole lot… An option to make the items smaller would be very welcome.

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+1 from me.

Same bug here. I need to refresh the library every time i watch something to see my “watching list” again. Or quit the app. Really annoing

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I’ve now seen this as well. Refreshing the library is needed after most navigation to get the row back.

If any of the items go missing again, would you mind sending in a quick report (and posting the code here) so we can look into this?

Today’s 7.3.2 update has a few improvements in this area, though we’re still looking into one issue that may still appear under certain conditions.

I was so excited when i saw the update but unfortunately it didn’t solve the issue. ”Continue Watching” only appears if I’m watching an episode and stopped it in the middle. but when I finish watching an episode it won’t appear for the next unwatched episode same as Plex, but on deck still there on Plex. So just bring it back please.


Please bring back “on deck”. This merged thing does not work properly. After playing an episode, the entire list of “on deck” just disappears. The previous functionality with the separate “continue watching” and “on deck” was far superior. I am using the first version of AppleTV 4K.


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For what it’s worth: I had similar issues with my setup and played around with it quite a bit:

I used to use the Plex version that was available natively on my Synology. This version was almost a year old and “on deck” items wouldn’t show up in the continue watching section in Infuse at all. I recently switched to a much more recent version of the Plex server running in Docker which seems to have resolved this particular problem. From what I could observe, it looks like Infuse doesn’t seem to support older versions of the Plex server any more. Can someone confirm that?

Unfortunately, the bug where the continue watching section disappears continues to affect me but the developers seem to be aware of that already and I’m hoping for a fix.

Using the latest version of PlexMediaServer and Infuse player on AppleTV 4K (1st release), the only issue is with the disappearing “on deck/continue watching” as soon as an episode is finished and returning to the Home Screen. The row is at the top when the app is opened but after watching an episode and then returning to the Home Screen to watch the next episode of a different show, the entire list is just missing. This never happened when “on deck” had its own row.


The disappearing “in progress” still happens to me. I interrupted my current show and when I came back the show I was watching before is gone from the list. It does show the show I interrupted. I also notice that two others shows are missing from the list.

Code JZ20W.

After refresh all three shows are back in my list. If it helps, I submitted another diagnostic. Code ZNEK8.

This issue should be fully resolved in today’s 7.3.3 update.

Thanks for your patience.


Didn’t solve anything for me. I just got a new row ”Picks of the Day”!!