Apple TV 4K needs rebooting with TVOS 14

Since i put TVOS 14 onto my Apple TV 4K i have had to reboot it a couple of times as I just get the spinning circle. Once it has rebooted it is fine. I am using the latest Infuse.

Is anyone else having the same problem.

Yes, I have been having the same problem since the TVOS update. This has been with 4K mkv files that have never had an issue before.

I don’t have the problem. However it might be my configurations.

I’m connecting to emby running on my sinology NAS with all sleep/hibernate features disabled.

Have you tried deleting and re-installing infuse? Some people have had luck doing this to fix other weird connection issues.

Thank you for your quick response. I tried deleting and reinstalling the Infuse Pro 6 app. I also rebooted my router. I am connecting to a QNAP NAS. Finally, I removed the Share and created and added a new Share. At least for now, that seems to have worked. Thanks, as I love Infuse.

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Also getting this issue since the recent updates. Happens to any type of file it seems, just get the spinning buffer thing for ever. I’ve then tried playing any other media but nothing but a restart of the Apple TV works (i’m guessing that’s because it properly restarts infuse).