Apple tv 4k + infuse pro 6 is powerful enough to play 4k hdr h.265 10bit 50MB+

I want to upgrade my android tv to new one. I wander is Apple tv 4k + infuse pro 6 is powerful enough to play 4k hdr h.265 10bit 50MB+ .
Or should I wait for apple tv gen 6.

Thank you

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Apple TV 4K and Infuse play 4K HDR 10Bit x265 without a hitch.

Usually any issues arise from WiFi issues or TV settings when there are problems. Infuse handles those files like a champ.

Thank you. There is no any rumors about apple tv gen 6 . It is good to know this.

As NC mentioned, the Apple TV 4K is quite powerful.

If you want some videos for stress testing, you can try the samples from

Infuse on the Apple TV 4K will play everything up to ~200 mbps…assuming your network is fast enough, of course. :wink:

Thank you for your information.

I have some 4K HDR files as large as 60 GB. Infuse plays then via WiFi with no problem. It pulls the stream off from a Plex hosted computer connected to router via a cat 7 Ethernet cable. I sometimes observed around 400 mbps data rate when starting a movie and a buffer speed around 130 mbps. The buffer usually finishes way before I could even finish a movie.

My infuse can’t handle 50+ GB movies after updating to tvos 13. With the same files and TV settings VLC plays perfectly

I’ve recently started ripping my 4K discs and getting 80GB files with 100mbit data rates. I know infuse can handle it and I have a gigE network and latest AppleTV but occasionally I’m getting buffering. Is there a guide for the best settings for my readynas and appletv (nfs vs smb etc etc) ?

I have found that NFS works best between my Synology NAS and my Apple TV 4K and I can play 4K movies over 60G in size with no problems

Thank you

Hello! Just bumping this thread as I have a similar query.

I have an old Synology DS214play which has been brilliant with Infuse on my 1080p TV - I have 200+Mpbs fibre, connect via NFS, still have the 4th gen ATV.

Have just bought a 4K TV and want to get a 5th gen ATV to go with it - just wonder if it’ll be up to the job when trying to play 50-60gb rips? Same set up as before, but add into the mix the fact this new TV is on a different floor to the router. Did some tests with Synology’s DS Video Samsung app - really struggled. Then tried with the Infuse app on my iPad Pro (A9X chip) and my iPhone XS - slightly better but still lots of buffering. Should I rule out the 5th gen ATV? Or are those tests not a fair representation?

Hopefully someone can help! Many thanks.

It all comes down to configurations. Using Ethernet or wifi will give you much better results.

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Had no idea they’d changed the ethernet port on the newer ATV.

Not sure adding a port is really an option though unfortunately.

Then it’s all going to come down to Wi-Fi performance. I have an Orbi system which has a very high dedicated backhaul channel. I’m able to get about 768Mbps to my NAS over wifi. Different systems and different housing configurations will affect performance. The Apple TV has no problem it all comes down to your infrastructure.

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I find the that ethernet between my Synology 214Play NAS and my Apple TV 4K works best and I can play 4K hdr h.265 10bit movies over 60G in size with no problems at all using Infuse Pro 6.

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