Apple TV 4K / Infuse / HDD

Today i have Apple TV 4K with WD Mycloud 4TB.
I need upgrade my storage, but wd mycloud is not in sale.
The new wd mycloud home have no smb.
Whitch is best hdd or nas for apple tv 4K with Infuse?

Good choice on getting away from the MyCloud offerings.

There will probably be just about as many suggestions on brand as there are forum users but there’s a lot of good ones out there.

What you can afford and what you want other than just media streaming will determine where to look. Personally I’ve been leaning toward Synology. Either one of their “Play” series or just biting the bullet and going for the gold and getting the DS918+.

Either way, get the 4 bay choice since you don’t have to fill it right away and it’s cheaper to get the open bays first instead of having to buy a whole new NAS later.

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