Apple TV 4K + Infuse = egg-laying, milk-bearing woolly sow?

I am impressed. About the Apple TV 4K. About Infuse.
We are so close to „the“ perfect Media Player like never before.

However, I am not sure if the video quality of the ATV is topnotch as well. There some strange artifacts that can be observed in HDR test videos / charts, as described here:

I am wondering how good the video quality of the ATV really is. For example full quality MKVs derived from UHD-BDs, do they look quality wise the same when played on the ATV as compared to a stand alone BD-Player, e.g. the Oppo 203?
And how is the upscaling quality of the ATV when playing 1080p material from HD-BDs?
Does an Zappiti 4K HDR produce a better picture quality than an ATV?

These are the questions I am struggling with right now. Maybe someone can provide further information on this.


When I am playing 4K HDR content with Infuse via my Pioneer SC-LX901, the receiver shows me YCbCr 422 24bit in the info screen. Can this be correct? Shouldn‘t it be 422 36bit?

These issues should be resolved in the upcoming 5.6.8 update which is due out soon.

I think the “12bit-problem” is caused by my Pioneer SC-LX901 AVR. As I mentioned above, the ATV seems to put out only 8bit color when using YCbCr 4:2:2.

I did some testing and I found the following:
I used the HDMI-IN of my Oppo 203 to get more info on what signal the ATV puts put. In the attached picture (1) you see the result when the ATV is set to 4:2:0. On the top you see the Oppo info on the input signal, on the bottom the info on the oppo output signal. In the overlay on the right side you see how the LX901 interprets the signal. Bottom line, the ATV puts out 4:2:0 with 10bit and the Pio interprets this correctly.

In picture (2) and (3) you see the ATV switched to 4:2:2, picture (2) is a menu screenshot and (3) shows the situation while playing an HDR10 file. The Oppo recognizes 4:2:2 and 12bit on the input and puts out the same format. However, the Pio shows 4:2:2 8bit (3x8bit=24bit).

Finally, picture (4): The Pio problem can be reproduced when the Oppo itself is set to 4:2:2 12bit.


Hmm, interesting. Thanks for following up with this info.

Have you tried updating the firmware on the Pioneer? A quick Google search turned up they recently fixed up some issues with Dolby Vision passthrough, which could possibly help in this case.

Thanks, I will give this a try next weekend.


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