Apple TV 4K Infuse 6 Pro Emby Buffering with high bitrate videos


So normally most movies and series play without a pause for buffering.

But i have some high bitrate movies with like 70-80mbit/s bitrate and there infuse pauses sometimes for buffering.

Therefore i checked my server where emby is running and observed the following:
Starting the video the upload is quite high on server site with 120mbit/s or more. Then the upload decreases to about 50mbit/s. This seems to be the reason why the video pauses then for buffering after some playtime.

I know for sure the network can handle the traffic because i tested this:

Playing the file via mrmc works fine. While playing via mrmc i observe on the server site that the upload rate is constantly high. Mrmc is also configured to use my emby server!

Somehow infuse only uses a high bandwith at the beginning of the stream and switches to a lower rate after that. Can this behavior be changed via the settings?

My emby server is wired to the router. The ATV4K is on 5ghz ac wifi. I used iperf to test the bandwidth between both devices and i get a stable 200 to 250mbit/s. Therefore it cannot be the connection. The test via mrmc should also be proof for that.

Please advice!


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