Apple TV (4K) in the car

I used Infuse once (I remember it allowing local content not he ATV, just not sure if it allows it anymore) as the media player of choice for my Apple TV which I put in our car (we have a YukonXL w/a big family).

I have a few questions before I re-install everything again.

I’m looking to purchase this wireless media hard drive (Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro) -

In theory, it would create a wireless network which the ATV can live on. The ATV would connect to the wireless network, and have access to the media library on the hard drive through Infuse. I do not believe ATV needs to be connected to the outside internet for this to function.


  • Can I simply drag over the iTunes library video files (ie Paw Patrol videos - kids show) that I purchased originally on ATV? Or do I need to transcode these easily?
  • Is my assumption correct? Infuse should work just fine w/o ATV having a connection to the external internet?

Thanks ahead for any responses.

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Infuse will be able to connect to the wireless network created by that device, and stream/play videos stored there. You may consider having this device connected to the internet, at least temporarily, so Infuse can fetch/cache the artwork and metadata for your files. Once cached, this info will be stored on the Apple TV device and will remain present with or without internet access.

Also, one thing to keep in mind is that Infuse is not able play purchased iTunes content which contains DRM. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide a way for 3rd party apps to play these videos.

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The last time I tried infuse in the car(ipad) with a raspberry pi connected to a vehicle wifi router, the lack of internet made the loading of the media directory extremely slow. I’ll have to try it again with the latest versions, but I remember I didn’t go that router because trying to enter the directory would cause it to hang for a long time before it tried to load. That was first having the vehicle wifi connected to my home wifi to download all the metadata.