Apple TV 4K embedded subtitles size can't be changed?

I use a 2021 apple tv 4k. I would like to change the size and lettertype. I did change in the settings of the apple tv itself. And if I download a subtitle from opensubtitle in infuse the subtitles are as I set them in the apple tv settings. But if I use the embedded subtitles which came within the mkv file I can’t change anything.

Problem is the option of “other” when selecting subtitles, which download from opensubtitles is not alway’s working. So I have to use the subtitle from the movie file. Don’t know why sometimes I can’t download from opensubtitles? Infuse tells me to check the internet connection but there is never a problem with my internet connection.

Is there a way to change subtitels within infuse?

Some embedded subtitles will be graphic based, or have fixed design styles. Unfortunately, these subtitles will have limited customization options.

If you use SRT files and embed them in your videos (or just place them alongside your videos and use them externally) these can be styled in the same way as those downloaded from OpenSubtitles.

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