Apple tv 4k DTS-HD quality

I am using infuse 6 pro on my Apple tv 4k connected to Onkyo TX-NR-575E.
When played mkv with DTS-HD track sound lack some details like clearity in dialogues, while for cross check i played same mkv with DTS-HD on my Nvidia Shield 2017 in kodi audio passthrough same mkv sound better & clear dialogues.
Can you help me here as i really like smooth playback & interface by infuse.

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Is your Apple TV connected directly to your receiver, or are you going through a TV?

Which option do you have set in Apple TV > Settings > Video and Audio > Audio Format?

Yes Apple TV 4k is directly connected to receiver & Audio Format is set to (Auto,Atmos available).

There are also a few other things you can check.

  1. While playing a video in Infuse, swipe down and confirm you have the correct audio track selected.
  2. Most receivers also have an option to view the input signal, so this can be used to confirm you are in fact receiving 7.1 PCM from the Apple TV.
  3. Lastly, you may want to check your receive settings as often times there can be different profiles and/or DSP modes for different inputs and formats.

(1)Yes audio track is selected right its (DTS-HD MA).
(2)Input signal on receiver is MULTI PCM 5.1.
(3)Profile/DSP mode set to MULTI PCM.

Receiver input MULTI PCM 5.1
Receiver output MULTI PCM 5.1 while playing.

I had rechecked above mentioned options & same issue dialogues & audio not as clear as passthrough via kodi NVIDIA SHIELD 2017.

For Onkyo, they call the DSP settings “Listening Mode Effect”. Using remote (Movie/TV button) or settings on-screen you can change the effect the receiver is using. This is on a per source, per audio quality (i.e. 5.1pcm is different than 7.1 pcm). Sometimes I have noticed for myself, when playing a 5.1 source and using an effect to expand to all my 7.1 speakers, that exact problem can happen (dialogue issue). Try setting the Listening Mode to “Direct” for best performance. You can then play around with other effects. I’ve attached image from manual of available effects for PCM.


I have been busy before in work, thank you very much for helping me in this matter.
Culprit was my Onkyo receiver specific hdmi source center speaker voulme in settings, its true that Multi PCM audio quality is no difference than DTS-HD track :slight_smile:

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