Apple TV 4K - Blu ray Playlist- / Title-Selection

Is there a way to select which Blu-ray playlist to us from a Blu-ray rip? Unfortunately the correct playlist is often hidden.


Okay I have found the Title Selection (start the Blu Ray, swipe down, look under Video), which I guess is the same as playlist selection, unfortunately this doesn’t seem to go beyond 264, however some Blu-ray’s contain many more Titles making it impossible to select the correct one.

Can you provide an example title or two you are having trouble with?

And just to clarify, are you having trouble with accessing the main title or extras/special features?

The Blu-Ray I looked at was, Valerian and the city of a 1000 planets, the correct playlist is supposedly 667, most Disney movies use 800 I think for the main movie. If the playlist that Infuse uses for Valerian is correct or not I haven’t fully checked as I needed to see the movie in full first.