Apple TV 4K Audio Silent Until Rewind?

No luck with that either unfortunately. I might try a full reset of the Apple TV and see if that solves the issue. I saw a few other users on Reddit forums experiencing the same things so I believe it may have been the Apple TV OS update that changed something.

@james just to give an update, it seems that if I turn off match frame rate in the Apple TV settings, movies and shows play as expected without me needing to select the audio track or rewind to get sound back.

So this seems to be an issue with the initial frame rate switch the Apple TV is doing. Maybe Apple changed something with frame rate switching in TvOS 14.7? This doesn’t happen on any other apps I have installed though (Plex client or ATV plus).

Was this issue only on 14.7 or are you saying there is a workaround with 14.7?

I’m assuming either tvOS14.7 was the issue but it could be the infuse update that caused the issue as well. As I can’t “downgrade” tvOS or Infuse 7 I’m merely just guessing as to which caused the issue for me.

Does this not happen to you? Did you update infuse and apple tv to the latest version?

Have the same issue. Not isolated to infuse though and started with upgrade to tvOS 14.6. Problem seems to be widespread.

Update: Downloaded today’s 7.0.5 update and launched the app. First movie I played the audio started as one would expect with no issues.

Next video I played however the player reverted back to the same issue (no audio until rewind or manually selecting the audio stream again).

Tried bluetooth as well and the audio initially worked, then reverted back to the previous behavior. At least the app is working on tvOS15 beta so all good there! But this problem unfortunately still persist. @james