Apple TV 4K and Pass Through

How does it work?

Is it the same as the Apple TV4 or is it improved with a real pass through?

I guess you are talking about audio.
There does not seem to be any difference between Apple TV 4 ad Apple TV 4K.

That said, Infuse’s solution seems very elegant and allows to output any 7.1 format without loss if I understand well: Audio Options (tvOS) – Firecore

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Strange I get an awful static noise when I enable this and play anything back.

I am doing Passthrough to the TV, which is doing ARC to the receiver (which can decode darn well anything). Maybe the TV is causing the issue? What sucks is my receiver will not support 4:4:4 color passthrough.

You probably have reduce loud sounds enabled, this can cause static sound.

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Sure do, I’ll test tonight. Thanks for the reply!

whoopn, I recently learned that if you want actual HD audio, you should set Infuse to “auto” and not passthrough. While passthrough gets your receiver to indicate it’s receiving DTS, you’re just getting the lossy DTS core or Dolby Digital track embedded in the lossless track; but if you use “auto” for Audio Output, Infuse will turn the full DTS-HD or TrueHD track into lossless PCM audio (since that’s all the Apple TV can output) and send it to the receiver that way.

So “Auto” for Infuse Audio Output and “Best Quality Available” for the Surround Sound output found in the video and audio settings of the Apple TV itself.

Most of my files only have the lossless track so I have my doubts about that last statement. Haven’t tested this just yet. But as per the Apple TV docs and info I can find you’re actually getting LPCM with passthrough. It’s still lossless but may not have the nuances of TrueHD and DTS-HD. However as the atv cannot currently decode Atmos I am curious if it can decode it as TrueHD as my receiver (Yamaha RX-V663) in my Theater does.

I don’t think I’ll use auto because I’ve already encountered a scenario where a Dolby 5.1 track played poorly through my 3.1 setup on my main floor (not the theater - that’s a full media PC, which is where the Yamaha lives).

MrMC though had no issues with passthrough, and I was able to define my audio setup correctly at 3.1.

Infuse NEEDS this ability.

You should definitely read Infuse’s support document here Audio Options (tvOS) – Firecore
And I believe Spanbauer was write when she/he wrote “So “Auto” for Infuse Audio Output and “Best Quality Available” for the Surround Sound output found in the video and audio settings of the Apple TV itself.”

It doesn’t default to DTS. That’s not possible if the DTS stream isn’t there. And auto does not yield consistently solid audio results…

I read the docs. It is helpful to know the passthrough and reduce sounds don’t mix well

Auto is the best setting, since you’ll get the lossless audio sent as PCM.