Apple TV 4K 6th Gen on its way

Apple just sent me my confirmation email that my new Apple TV 4K 64GB will be delivered on Monday 24 May 2021. Very excited, upgrading from the HD model although my projector is still 1080p. Replacement long throw projector is definitely outside the budget atm.

Just unboxed mine 15 minutes ago


Just got mine up and running. Infuse seems to work but I need to select/re-select the audio each time. So I play the film or TV program and get no audio so I swipe down and across to the audio selection and select an audio channel. The first audio has a tick on it, normally stereo, but even just re-selecting gets it working again. Otherwise all good.

BTW all other apps seem to have working audio.

You will be amazed at the difference in how snappy the screen changes are and the selection when you click on things. It’s not just the 4K that’s impressive. My gen 5 4Ks also sync faster than the gen 4 HD ones.


I daren’t set mine up now if there’s an audio bug. If my wife has to mess around like that for each file - I’ll be getting no end of earache! Have you reported the bug yet?

If you have a second HDMI port why not set up the new one next to the old one? you can run both at the same time. :wink:

Then you can always switch back to the original if you see any problems with the new.

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Yeah I have it stacked at the moment and I’ve just jumped the cables across. As per my other post I’m passing this one on but will leave it where it is for now in case there are any major hiccups. Thanks

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One suggestion, I wouldn’t stack the ATVs. They tend to get a little warm at times and the heat transfer comes from the bottom so that may cause some issues. Stick with side by side.


It seems for me that if I fast forward a tiny bit the audio comes back though it still wants to set the default audio as stereo even if a 5.1 option is available. It feels so much faster than my HD box.

Just got mine running now and audio came through without needing to select or do anything for the first file I tried - Baby Driver 4K Remux

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And why aren’t you watching it now uninterrupted? LOL

I find myself watching that often when I “think” Im just going to test a few things out…

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Thats great news. I try uninstalling the app and try again to see if something has got corrupt.

Before you do that maybe try a new HDMI cable?

Haha - every time I alter anything in my setup I watch the opening getaway scene in Baby Driver, the first battle scene in Gladiator or a bit of Top Gun!

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I wish that there was a 4K atmos version of the Jeb Corliss video " Grinding The Crack".

That would be the perfect demo reel.

I think my neighbors would gather pitchforks and torches…

Well I un-installed Infuse etc but that did not solve it but I reverted away from 4k Dolby Vision back to 4k HDR and I get sounds straight away.

Did you do the cable test from the new HDTV?

OMG hadn’t seen that video before - just put it on YouTube

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You have 4K HDR on by default? Best settings recommended are set to 4K SDR and turn on matching dynamic range so that ATV only plays DV media when actual DV media is playing. The beauty of Infuse is it matches perfectly. DV has compatibility issues - HDMI speeds etc.

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Yes I did a cable test beforehand.