Apple TV 4k 2021 performance

Has someone done a performance benchmarking of the new ATV vs the previous (2017) model?

Running Infuse on the old model for the most part works great. But with large (70GB) files with lossless audio there is sometimes a slight stutter.

Does the A12 make a differnece in this? Seem to have read somewhere that Infuse is very Metal coding dependent and that the A12 has a lower Metal score than the A10x. Don’t know if this is true. It would be odd for a new product to perform worse than the 3+ year predecessor…

Has anyone tried infuse on the latest apple tv 4k.How different is it when compared to the old apple tv.Is it worth to get it,to only watch movies and tv shows on infuse.Thanks

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If your current model runs infuse fine then I wouldn’t bother. The only big upgrade that would make me even consider upgrading is the remote as well as YouTube in 4K HDR 60fps

According to VP Tim Twerdahl in interview today:
Twerdahl said the A12 Bionic offers about a 50% increase in gaming performance. He says the new Apple TV gives a lot of headroom to Apple Arcade developers to push Apple TV games further.

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I have seen a great improvement with the new Apple TV 4k. Everything shows up without the slightest shutter, even movies in 4k60fps.

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Welcome Chris7285,

The new one seems much faster and infuse works perfectly of course.

I haven’t seen stutter of video in my own system for a while. I did find FTP works about 10x faster than SMB with my particular hardware.

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I have the new Apple TV 4K. I’m coming from the shield pro. I almost returned the Apple TV because the plex app is terrible and keeps force my 7.1 audio to flac. Found infuse and it’s been lovely plays everything without transcoding.

It’s taking forever to Scan my library because it’s so large. Anyone know how I can set it up to scan over night without having to turn my TV on?

Welcome to the forum!

You can turn off the CEC control setting on the tv and ATV then start things, make sure the ATV is set to go as long as possible before sleep then launch Infuse and go to the library screen where you can see the details on what’s going on.

Once you see things are rolling turn off the tv. The ATV should stay on and running without the tv.

Cool. Also if I turn on iCloud sync will the progress of scanning my library by sync on all my devices?

Yes, I’d highly recommend leaving iCloud sync on since it will sync the info to other devices using Infuse with the same Apple user ID AND if another app gets greedy and clears out the shared memory that Infuse has the metadata stored in the iCloud reload for the textual metadata is much faster than starting over.

Here’s a users guide that explains a bit more about iCloud sync.

Last ignorant question. Will infuse continue to scan with screen saver on?

I believe it will, can’t swear to it but I believe it does. I think as long as it’s the active app and the ATV doesn’t go to sleep it should continue. It may even continue after sleep but not at the full rate depending on what the ATV os allows for background updating. But don’t count on the background part for now.

I guess I’ll try to do some tests since I’ll have both models for a short while before selling the old one. sigh I’m upgrading for the dumbest reason, for some reason the thing they knew about but didn’t patch through the entire lifespan of the ATV4k (dolby vision black levels being off on LG OLEDs) is fixed with the new ATV.

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