Apple TV 4K 2021 Not turning on receiver

Just got my new Apple TV set up and it won’t turn on my receiver using hdmi cec like the last one. Anyone else with this issue? TV turns on just fine and volume control works too.

Apple TV->Receiver->TV

Did you do the ritualistic unplug everything (receiver, ATV, TV) from AC power and then plug it all back in? That fixed my last bout of receiver turning on with CEC.

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Thanks. I unplugged everything and plugged it back in (Apple TV last, although not sure if that makes any difference). Working now! Seems odd that that would make a difference, but I guess that reset some thing maybe in my receiver.

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That’s the ole HDCP/HDMI hand shake reset. I have to sometimes do the same when ARC stops working

I have put all CEC devices on a switchable power strip just because of this. Much easier to just flip one switch instead of having to physically unplug everything. :wink:

I do have them all on a switch but it includes other things too like my router that I didn’t want to toggle. Haven’t had this issue before. Switching from 4th to 5th gen didn’t cause a problem. Hopefully it’s good until my next upgrade :slight_smile:

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