Apple TV 4 Pangu Jailbreak is out:

Hello FireCore Team,

There is Apple TV 4 Pangu Jailbreak is out so any new Seasonpass will be realising for the Apple TV 4.


Since Infuse can be installed through the official ATV App Store, we have no plans for an ATV4 version of Seas0nPass or aTV Flash. Sorry. :frowning:

There’s not much available, but for any and all ATV4 jailbreak related news it’s best to follow @nitoTV (

Thanks for your reply James,
NitoTV 4 for the Apple TV4 is still on testing phase, but nothing solid yet. Not sure when NitoTV 4 will be out :frowning:
Only James can create great user-friendly package and I wouldn’t mind to buy it.