Apple TV 4 and .iso files

Is there any chance to play .iso files (DVD and Blu-ray) through a dedicated app on the Apple TV?


I too am hoping for .ISO support since my entire 1500+ DVD collection has been ripped to .ISO.

Would someone from Firecore please comment.

I’d love to see .iso support.

+1 for this feature

+1 For this Feature

+1 for this feature

  • 1 from me too. Without .iso support infuse will not be my option nr. 1.

Would be Nice if FireCore updates their customers about if and when.


Can anyone elaborate on why nobody’s implementing ISO support in their app’s for iOS/tvOS? Is there some technical difficulties other than menu navigation; which I actually think is pretty straight forward with the new ATV4? And when it’s already implemented in aTV Flash, why isn’t it a part of Infuse? I just don’t get it…

Can I ask what the benefits of .iso compatability are? 99% of the stuff I download is in .mkv of .mp4 format. Is there a lot of stuff in .iso format?

.iso is a non compressed 1:1 copy of a blu-ray or DVD.

Ahhh, OK, so better picture quality with less strain on the processor? Cool.

Better picture, better sound, with all languages and subtitles, chapters, menus, bonus, a pure virtual bluray! This is why .iso is a killer-feature.

And of course, no waste of time with extraction/conversion/etc … Just copy and that’s it.

Awesome! So it’s less about downloading stuff, more about ripping from disc?

It’s more about backing up

The disadvantage is that they can be massive files as they’re uncompressed. Which is why you tend to see them er… shared… less.

ISO support on the ATV will never happen. Apple won’t allow it. That whole issue is mired in controversy.

I don’t agree.
While most .mkv are downloaded and playable with 3rd party softwares on the atv4, most .iso are issued from personnal backups of personnal discs. So where is the point of blocking this fonctionnality?
It has been said before: .iso are massive files that are almost never shared.
For exemple: i recorded a TV debate with my panasonic dmr and burned it on a dvd-rw.
I made a backup on my computer (no conversion here) and saved it as an .iso file.
Can someone tell me when this has been forbidden?
So what’s the point of blocking .iso playing?

Backing up a commercial DVD requires breaking the encryption which is not legal in many jurisdictions. Do you know of any media players which support disk image playback?

If people are taking the risk of doing illegal stuff, this is their concern… By the way, .mkv and other .mp4 files playable by infuse are all legal stuff, for sure!
There are some that can play disk image: popcornhour, nvidiashield TV, chromecast, wdtv…