apple tv 4.4.4(3330)

 I have an ATV 2 running 4.4.4(3330). I used iFaith 1.4.2 to dumb my blobs then tried the workaround for signing per the instructions here


I’ve followed the instructions to the letter and also tried the sn0wbreeze alternative mentioned in the thread topic. Every time i try the restore in iTunes I receive an error 1600. If I plug in my ATV the device is not recognized. I looked at my iFaith blob and the <apticket> is all zeros(0). Is this a problem? Or is it only used for later versions? I can’t seem to get  a straight answer.

It’s driving me nuts. I realize that I could just breakdown and give in to Apple, restore the latest version (jailbreakable) and be done. However, I am (a) totally pissed at the arrogance of Apple in forcing me to use only the latest version --it’s my device and if I want to run an older version it should be my choice (b) we have people using the system ,like grandparents, who get lost in the plethora of icons. Plain text menus are hard to beat. 

If anyone has suggestions, please jump in. I thought that I saw somewhere that you can use someone else’s signed blobs, but then you would be on a tethered boot. Is that true? 

I do have the same problem, cant find an answer!!!

[quote=baghdadi007]I do have the same problem, cant find an answer!!! [/quote


4.4.4 was modified it’s not going to work unless it’s a referbish (post 3/12) unit.


just update it to 5.3 before apple stops signing it.



In my experience iFaith 1.4.2 doesn’t dump blobs with an apticket because there were no apticlets when 1.4.2 was the current verison of iFaith.

If your blobs (either downloaded from Cydia or dumped by iFaith) are 5.81 and 5.83 Kb in size you will never be able to jailbreak this Apple TV on 4.4.4

Apple introduced the apticket and the blob containing a properly formed apticket is 11.8Kb.  This blob will jailbreak on 4.4.4

I have two or three 4.4.4 with small blobs and you may as well go to 5.3 with those.



Here we go again Ian, it doesn’t matter if the blobs are 11.8 it’s still not going to jail break that’s the problem all the people with the old 4.4.4 blobs are having if you take a minute to ask them they all have 11.8 kb

I am simply telling it as I see it.

Every 4.4.4 I have ever had with 5.8Kb blobs has failed to jailbreak.

Every 4.4.4 I have ever had with 11.8Kb blobs I have jailbroken.


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4.4.4 can be easiiiiiily jailbroken. Using the steps we already spoke about. Period. Don’t interfere too much you are making poeple loose their iOS to tethered one

If you gave up and you still have the iOS 4.4.4 on it. Pm me I buy it from you

Easily jailbroken, perhaps.  Not so easily activated.  Mine is just trying to activate now, and failing.  

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