APPLE TV 3rd generation JAILBREAK

Dear Sir/ Madam, 

Can we have the jailbreak for Apple TV 3 please? 

It will be a day of happiness for tons of people. 


Best Regards, 



Draper Donald. 

There are no indications that anyone has found the start of a jailbreak for the ATV3 so I am afraid asking nicely will not achieve anything.

It is in FireCore’s interest to have the ATV3 jailbroken so you can be certain that it will be integrated into SeaonPass when/if the details of how to do it can be figured out. However do not expect it any time soon. There is always a risk a jailbreak will never appear.

i’m kinda surprised to hear that.


it is clearly mentioned on the fireCore’s website that the update for the 3rd version will be available soon. Let me quote this for you :

Apple TV 3 update in the works! Order now and get access to both versions”

so i just bought the fireCore in this expectation and you tell us this update could maybe never see the light ? are you kidding ?


What did you buy?

 tell us where are you from?



aTV Flash (black)


this is the one i installed indeed, but the jailbreak still isn’t available and there’s no point in having fireCore with an aTV 3 without it…

ah i see LOL 

no doubt, but could you answer my question if it is not disturbing you?

I am from China. close to foxconn.


  be a man, give a time.  

p.s. you can get your money back in 15 days after purchase if you prefer your atv in a original state and you think that all work done is not worth that. 

p.s.2. read my signature.


all clear now , thanks.

why did you ask? 


nothing to do with being a man or a chimpanzee there.


i just saw this post :

that lead me to ask more questions…


now if it’s coming, then i’ll wait without any problem sir.

read pm

read pm


be more clear please, it won’t hurt.

Very misleading, indeed. A recent discussion addressing this milsleading blog posts and a call to change these are being closed without valid arguments.

Good luck waiting. Dare to bet with you there will not be a jailbreak for th atv3 this year, but hope for both of us that im dead wrong :]



feels that something hurts you.   :wink:

 read pm= read private message.

It looks as you can’t read all till the the end, as the description of the product what are you  buying as well , so if you are not happy with a product , claim your money back  please.  

 All the best.

I can’t argue with you , as I am not an expert to say such  a statement ‘‘Dare to bet with you there will not be a jailbreak for th atv3 this year’’.

Sorry no meanings, but I’m sick of talks ‘’ if,when,probably…’’ 

As I said there is plenty of threads as this one, there is no pint to discuss about NOTHING.

As today we have have NOTHING on this topic and you know NOTHING.

So what the point to talk about NOTHING?