Apple TV 3rd Gen freezing 4k movies

Hi. So, I have 2 Apple TVs, one 4k and other 3rd Gen. Both stream using my HDD smb shared on my Asus Router.
The Apple TV 4k has no problem, works perfectly. UNFORTUNATELY, the Apple TV 3rd Gen doesn’t streams 4k movies… they start the playback, but keeps freezing untill just stop totally. Tried in 3 different TVs just to check, same problem on all of them.
Is there any configuration to fix this?

It’s only rated for 1080p max. 4K videos are most likely too much for it.

Thanks for the answer. So, there’s no settings to “downgrade” the resolution and play it anyway? Just to confirm =)

The 3rd Gen Apple TV wouldn’t have enough horse power to transcode the file to a lower res and still have enough power to be able to play it.

With the new pricing on the latest Apple TVs it’s not a bad idea to think about the 4K with 128K storage. It should future proof your videos for a number of years.

Thanks a lot.

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Infuse doesn’t transcode anything; it plays back content in its original format. Which is why it would be up to the AppleTV to first have the power to decode the 4K signal as received, and then downscale it to 1080p.

Definitely, invest in the new AppleTV if you’ve got a good 4K screen and want to take advantage of your 4K content.

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