Apple TV 3

Hahahaha great stuff !!!

does aTV flash works only on jailbroken ATV?




Jailbroken 2nd gen Apple TV Mac: OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later PC: Windows XP or later Internet Connection

Any news on the ATV3 release? cant wait cause i definitely need Plex on our AppleTV3 :slight_smile:


And QNAP offers it to in both formats FYI.

469 ProII …mmmm

Ok, after buying that QNAP 469 Pro NAS device… disappointed as hell !!

You need a NAS with a huge CPU to do the transcoding, the 469 Pro has a Atom dual core 2.3 and it’s not enough to stream.

So I did not do my homework properly and now I’m stuck with a 1500$ NAS lol.

I use it for storage in RAID5…Don’t get me wrong, great little box, but overkill if you just use it for storage and don’t use one of the hundred’s of option’s that come’s with it.


Waiting on the Apple TV3 JB…

to be your ATV 3 usefull, use airparrot ( there`s a trial version) then stream your PC or MAC to your HDTV. what ever on your computer has it can mirror to TV

Is there an Alpha or Beta code release in plan? I have a useless ATV3 in my bedroom which acts as a paper weight right now. Keen to get some use out of it even if its buggy/fiddly to jailbreak…


Firecore has a huge following and most of us are strong advocates for the terrific work the team have done in packaging this up into something that can be used by Joe Public. Give the advocates something that demonstrates at least some progress is being made!!!


I still have not seen any believable rumours of a jailbreak for the ATV3 being available anytime soon. It is in FireCore’s interest to let people know that a jailbreak is imminent so I would expect them to pass on news in this arena (remember they do not themselves develop jailbreaks - merely package ones that others develop). I am personally beginning to get a bit sceptical as to whether one will arrive at all.

I am sure that when/if a jailbreak is available then ATV Flash will be available almost immediately. It is possible in a development environment to test software on the ATV3 simulator and I would have thought that FireCore have already done that.

Hi FireCore Team,

Is this true?

(link removed)

Any chance that you will get a look at / use their beta jailbreak.

As with many others Im waiting for you to make my apple TV awesome/useful!!!

Sounds promising for the first time since I bought that (until now) useless ATV3:

The Chip Jailbreak team had earlier announced that technicians are working full time now to develop the software compatible for Apple Tv 3 jailbreak that is already available for customers in beta version and untethered jailbreak version is expected next week .

That was announced on 5th November 2012 on the mentioned link. I’d be really interested in how FireCore does judge that jailbreak and if they are in contact with its creators.


Fake . Scam. Forget it. There is no (public/beta) jb for atv3 .

Wait for firecore’s or dev team’s news on blog or twitter .

If i want the latest news, on this firecore for the atv3, where is the best place to look? 

Here in the forum?


Hope you guys can figure something out, i will buy it asap! 

Following on from my earlier post here is the latest post on that news site.

I’m starting to think there has been traction on the jailbreak

Here is the latest article (link removed)

The only nagging thing is that I’m not seeing this kind of detail anywhere else, be it forums or announcements, to get better confirmation to now if it true or not

can you stop spamming the forums with this crap! there is no jailbreak for aTV3, anybody who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something.

I’d be glad if FireCore would like to sell me something. Especially an ATVflash for my AppleTV 3.

Looks promising, says it will support A5


But guys and girls,

I really dont think it drives teh developers to go and do something about it, when all we do is naging them about it.

Rather then encourage them.

I got a question for the developers, is it the money you need to get this done, or is just because there arent a 100% trustworthy jailbreak out yet?

If it is the money then say so, because i think that we are plenty people out here, who just want this program :slight_smile:

Happy coding, and happy day to all!

IMHO FireCore relies on other people’s work. They are not very creative but use public jailbreaks and mods for the ATV to create a package which simply installs out of the box.

Thus right now there is no ATVflash 3 as there is no jailbreak.

Money doesn’t help right now but offering an impressive sum would encourage others to create a jailbreak.

Firecore have never made a secret of the fact that they do not develop jailbreaks, but merely try to package ones publicly made available elsewhere into Seasonpass which tries to make the jailbreak easier to use for the average user.

The software that is available and is exclusive to FireCore is their ATV Flash software.

Thus right now there is no ATflash 3 as there is no jailbreak.

Their have been various reports of people announcing a paid for jailbreak for the ATV3.   However until someone can confirm that one of these actually work then I would strongly suspect that these are merely scams trying to extort money from you.

If someone else provides a suitable jailbreak that is only sold commercially nI see no reason why FireCore would not be happy to announce the fact as it would mean that ATV Flash sales for the ATV3 could then be made available.

Money doesn’t help right now but offering an impressive sum would encourage others to create a jailbreak.

I am not sure that those who develop jailbreaks are particularly motivated by this, but it could not hurt to try.