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When I purchased the Season Pass, it was on the assurance that soon, there would be a cracked solution for Apple TV 3.  Unfortunately, there is still no solution - since FireCore rocks for Apple TV 2, what is the prognosis for when the jailbreak for Apple TV 3 will be out?





My prognosis is, if you are following anyone and everyone associated with previous jailbreaks. It won’t take you long to conclude, IMO, that nobody is even working on it.  

Correct. Most have given up hope.

@Firecore Staff

Don’t you think you should change the sales talk

Apple TV 3 update in the works! When available, current aTV Flash (black) users will receive a free upgrade to the ATV3 version.

In my opinion it is very misleading :frowning:


I think at this point in time, that isn’t an unreasonable request. Recent Tweets by the key developers (in the past week) indicate that ATV3 will be left behind for jailbreaking.

Hi - would you happen to have a link for those posts.  Just curious on if i should dump my atv3 or not.

The posts were via Twitter. The people to keep an eye on are:



I’ve held on to my ATV3 just in case but I’velong since given up. I guess my purpose for it now is for a 1080 streaming device that (when pigs fly) Apple may release an OS that allows NAS connection instead of iTunes through a computer.

Seriously? I bought an ATV3 months ago anticipating the jailbreak because of the info on the site. It’s been sitting in my drawer since then. If they really won’t be able to jailbreak it then they have a lot of nerve saying that its “in the works”. At least they took down the “coming soon” they had up there. Maybe some sort of update post telling us of their progress would be nice. I’m very disappointed.

From James (staff):

While we're not directly involved in the jailbreak development for the ATV3, work is definitely in progress. However, due to the nature of the work it's very difficult to give any kind of ETA. Unlike normal app development which will generally see steady, consistent progress day to day, jailbreak development is very specialized and when progress does comes, it tends to come in waves as various breakthroughs are made.

We're hopeful it will get done at some point, it's just difficult to say how soon it will be.

I’m glad I haven’t bought the ATV2 license, mi ATV3 is also getting dusty in my living room, is pretty much useless without jailbreak, except for Youtube and Home Library sharing

Very disappointed in fire cores atv3 progress. I was a big fan of the original atv flash for atv1, went ahead and bought 2 atv3 with the assumption that atv3 flash was forthcoming, sadly mistaken. Just glad I wasn’t foolish enough to pre-purchase via atv2.

returning my atv3 today. useless without jailbreak

A good overview of the new Apple TV3 can be found here: (russian):

F$#@ it, I went out and got the Roku 2 XS. I installed Plex and boom, streaming WiFi 1080p movies from my network WITHOUT having to jailbreak it.  Selling my Popcorn Hour C-200 and my Apple TV2, it does what i need it to do, plays .MKV files perfectly, reads my Itunes library and there’s much more apps then Apple TV and Popcorn Hour together. Formats are :MKV using H.264, MP4/M4V/MOV using H.264 (and MPEG4), WMV/ASF using WMV9 or VC-1.


You have to get use to the interface but give it a couple of minutes and it’s easy peachy.  

If I’m not mistaken, Plex is a two-component program which consists of a streamer (the part that transcodes the video) and the receiver that plays it. So basically for those of us with our media collection on a NAS, we would need a Plex encoder installed on the NAS side of the equation. Which for 1080p streaming requires dual-core 2.4ghz procs with sufficient RAM and which isn’t too common for your typical NAS solution.

Now think about if you wanted to have more than one stream playing at once-- e.g. you want to watch something in the living room while your S.O. wants to watch in the bedroom, [and your kids want to watch Barney/Thomas/Dora in the playroom]. With an app like Plex, your streamer will have to transcode multiple streams at once, versus having three AppleTV’s just playing files off a server without any need for computationally-expensive transcoding.

Which is why I’d rather have a solution like Media Player on a JB AppleTV that just plays the file without making me do lossy transcoding along the way. If FireCore ever released their media player software for OSX, I might just replace the AppleTV with a Mac mini.


Actually, I have 2 Roku’s and I can stream 1080p on both TV’S at the same time. An BTW, Synology offers the Plex package for NAS.

Thanks, I was already aware of that, but the Plex package is only available for Synology’s NAS units that have Intel x86 processors. All of their units aimed at the consumer and their entry-level business-grade units (such as the DS411 which I have) are ARM only. Supposedly Plex might be releasing an ARM-compatible version, but I’m not holding my breath. Especially since it will not support 1080p on ARM.

So in regards to the two 1080p streams you are streaming - is that from a desktop/laptop computer, or from a NAS unit?

hey guys i got alot of faith i,ll buy your tv3 for 25.00 a piece

I stream my stuff from my computer, one Roku is wired and the other one wireless.

Would you believe that Plex just released a version for ARM-based Synology NAS units?

System Requirements

• Intel (x86) versions: Core 2 Duo 1.6 GHz processor (Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz for 1080p transcoding)
• ARM versions: 1.0 GHz processor (transcoding not supported).
• 256 MB RAM
• Gigabit Ethernet recommended for HD streaming.
• N.B. Flash and Silverlight video playback is not supported on Linux.