apple tv 3

need to the jailbreak  to install avtflash in apple tv3 ?

Unfortunately there is no indication that such a jailbreak is likely to appear anytime in the near future.

Well, acc. to a blogpost on this website there is an indication, depending on the defenition of ‘near future’ . It was enough fo me order the atv3 and patiently wait for a jb the coming weeks. If not and apple pwnd the scene this time, i will have bought myself an expensive brick.

Quiting from the blogpost:
Work is still underway on both fronts, and we’ve had some encouraging reports come in over the past few days. However, it’s still too early to give any kind of ETA but we hope to have more news soon.

I was going more by what has been said within the jailbreak community, and so far I have not seen anything indicating something in the near future, Even for the untethered ATV2 jailbreak for which there has been positive news the indication is that is still a month or so away.

I also have n ATV3 (in addition to an ATV2) so would definitely welcome a jailbreak - it is just that a lot of forum members seem to expect it in ‘days’ or ‘weeks’, while I think we should be thinking in terms of ‘months’. It is definitely in FireCore’s interest to get a jailbreak into wider distribution as soon as possible so they may well have worked on getting better info on progress than seems to be generally available. It would be nice to be pleasantly surprised and get the jailbreak sooner than expected.

Here’s to hoping… 


Yes, those comments (about “attack surface being much smaller”) were made long before pod2g’s comments on Twitter. 

Would be a triumph if anyone can actually manage to JB. 

Suffice to say, I agree with other assertions that we should not think of this in terms of weeks but rather, months. 


The problem is the Jb pod2g refer to may only apply to iphone and ipad, as ATV3 has different core. I recall somewhere they said 6 exploits had been found, hope some of these can be used for atv 3.There is no definitely word about atv 3 yet,  be patient and pray.

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