Apple tv 3 jailbroken?????

I just read and saw a video on that the thertherd jailbreak works now can any one confirm or deny. The video is on their site and is on YouTube hit a few hrs ago. Is this the real web site.

I see a lot of views any truth to this yet can anyone confirm. Update YouTube poster has only one video two subscribers and joined today has to be fake sorry my bad.

looks like a cut and past of this link

i can confirm it works on atv2 5.0 (ios 5.1) i have it running on my atv2

but he did mention it was atv3, possible he ment atv2?

he did also say just released by firecore, i would think if it was capable of atv3, firecore would have been the first to note it on their web site.

Agreed seems like a possible voice over ill keep an eye out over the next few hours and see if there’s any buzz about it. 

Seas0nPass currently only supports the ATV2.

The latest info can be found here.

Thanks please go ahead a close this thread.