Apple TV 3 jailbreak ?

I had buy a apple tv 3 generation I would like to know if it’s possible to jailbreak my apple tv 3 ?

At the moment there is no known jailbreak for the ATV3. There have been persistent rumours of one, but as far as I know they are not based on fact.


To Jailbreak Apple TV 3 is not possible in this moment, all sites what is tell that is possible Jailbreak for Apple tv 3 is fake. This is info from Fire Core is tell Apple tv 3 jailbreak info: … apple-tv-3-jailbreak-release-info-fire

That poorly written site is wrong. FireCore does not and has never developed jailbreak exploits. 


any hope for a jailbreak of atv 3??
What shall i do, buy an atv 2 or atv 3 and waiting for a jailbreak :slight_smile: ??


Get a ATV 2

For XBMC buy a Raspberry PI, £40. Awesome 1080p picture


Purchase an ATV2, because the ATV3 is not a jailbreakable option now, nor in the foreseeable future, unfortunately.

Even if there is no jailbreak for ATV3 in the foreseeable future, is there any hope that Apple will start unlocking additional functions, features, and apps anytime soon?  I love the ATV3.  It looks beautiful on my new LED HDTV.  However, I REALLY wish there was more I could do with it other than watch Netflix and YouTube videos.  I want to watch all the digital copies of my entire DVD collection that I have on my Home Server in ISO format.  I don’t want to have to re-rip everything into a format that fits Apple’s standards.  The couple of flicks I tried to re-rip came out horrible in the Apple standard (either no audio or badly out of sync and dark pictures).  Also, I want to surf the web on my TV and add apps that I want, not the crap apps that Apple included (who cares about WSJ anyway?).  I’m totally surprised Apple hasn’t opened the ATV up to purchasing apps.  Do they really not care about adding an additional revenue stream to their arsenal?