Apple Tv 3.0.1

Just had a msg from Apple saying there is now a 3.0.1 update is the ATVflash compatable with the new update



This is not an official post or anything, but I just upgraded my AppleTV to 3.0.1 and will be installing 4.0 in the next few minutes.


I just upgraded to Apple TV 3.0.1 and now the restart does not recognize the ATV Flash 4.0 upgrade on the USB port?

Any ideas?

I re-downloaded the most recent ATV Flash 4.0, reinstalled it on the USB drive, powered down the Apple TV for 15 min. Tried again, so far no luck???

That is strange, mine worked fine for me. I made a fresh aTV Flash 4.0 USB drive with a downloaded Apple TV 3.0 firmware file and it patched my 3.0.1 Apple TV just fine. When I tried downloading Flip4Mac it failed, but I draw that up to getting a “supported” version of aTV Flash for 3.0.1.

What great timing. I held off getting aTV Flash for a long time and tonight I took the plunge. I do not know what happened - either I can not install because of 3.01 or just no luck either way.

I plug in the flash

it runs through for a minute or less and stops

So I assume it is done.

Reboot the system and nothing

Am I missing something?

How do you know it is ready to reboot. There is a small text at the bottom of my TV I can not read so I just assume no activity is meaning it is done.

Any thoughts :roll:

There are unfortunately a few minor issues. Keep an eye on the thread below for updates.

i have just upgraded to the 3.0.1 and run the Atv 4.0 upgrade.
Everything works fine except that i can install any addon.
The nitoTV makes the AppleTv reboot everytime i have finished a movie.

Seems there are some buggs…

Any aTv release to come?