Apple TV 2nd gen with iOS 5.0

Is there a way to perform tethered jailbreak on a Apple TV 2nd gen with iOS 5.0?

I've purchased aTVFlash (Black) and I'm waiting to begin the jailbreak procedure with Seas0nPass.


Yep. Your best option will be to use the beta version of Seas0nPass to save your signatures, then select 5.0 as the version you want to go to.

More details here.

I thought only the 5.2.1 was unbreakable?

Is this true that the 5.0 is also on the list of unbreakables??

Yes, it’s true… and many others too. Check it out:

that stinks 

I am just hoping that a fix will comew out so i dont need to tether ANY version


It was so easy for a while!!!