Apple TV (2022) SMB Streaming Failed after latest Update

After update, the shares cannot be read at all. Same network, same computer, same connection. The only weird(?) way for me to solve the problem is to “forget” the share, make a new one but this time making sure SMB is on “Legacy”. Even “Auto” does not work anymore.

Can anyone here tell me why? I am not the only one having such issues, am I?

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It may help if you’d include what your streaming from and it’s specifics and how your connected. (wifi or Ethernet)

Including version numbers for both Infuse and the device OS it’s on also help.

Lots of possible reasons, so definitely follow advice of @NC_Bullseye above, and provide as much info as you can.

If you perhaps are connecting Infuse to local shares via their local network IP addresses, are you making sure your router always reserves and assigns the same IP address to each device (per MAC address) when reestablishing connections to them?

What got updated?

Was it Infuse, your Apple device’s OS, your server’s OS, or … ?

Hello! I’m having the same issues @lostlovemovie has. I’m running the latest version of Infuse in a 2022 Apple TV 4K with the most updated version, and streaming through an ethernet connection from a Synology NAS DS720+ (DMS 7.1 “latest version”). I’ve been using Infuse the same way as mentioned above for a very long time and I have never experienced anything like this. I did clear Infuse’s cache (almost 300 megabytes) and restarted the Apple TV. It seems to work know… I will follow up if I keep having the same issues. Thank you!!!

FOLLOW UP: it keeps on happening. The only way to temporarily fix it is by restarting the Apple TV.

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