Apple tv 2021 slow speed


I have 2 apple tvs and they are both connected to my desktop pc smb share through my home wifi network.

Apple tv 4k (2017 ver) with infuse pro 6.4.9 (3213)

Average Infuse speed test = 60 mbps


Apple tv 4k (2021 ver) with latest infuse 7 ver 7.0.5

Average Infuse speed test = 6 mbps!

Infuse 6.4.9 is very fast with zero buffering (its like streaming from an attached hdd) on the other hand infuse 7.0.5 is slow and it takes 10-15 seconds for a video to start and 10 seconds of buffering when skipping forward.

Is there a solution for the buffering issue on my newest apple tv and newest infuse 7?

Kind regards

The best way to debug these issues is to connect everything temporarily to Ethernet and see if there is any difference. Then you can proceed with debugging WiFi issues.